President’s Welcome

The Springfield Civic Association (SCA) welcomes you as we enter a new era, a Springfield Renaissance, if you will. The new Springfield Town Center has now completed Phase I of it's re-birth. New hotels and office buildings along with new parking options are on the rise bringing new restaurants, new activity and a welcome breeze of renewal. The SCA has helped to make this happen, partnering with Fairfax County government, local businesses and adjoining civic associations and home owner associations. SCA's tradition of community activism and grass roots engagement is alive, well, and looking to the future. Come be a part of it; there is something for everyone and your contribution will only make us more vital.

SCA participates directly in the Lee District Land Use Committee (LDLUC); the Interservice Community Council (ISCC); the Citizens Advisory Council (CAC) with the Fairfax County Police Department; Friends of Lake Accotink Park (FLAP); Lee District Association of Civic Organizations (LDACO); Business Networking International (BNI) and the Fairfax County Federation of Citizens Association (FCFCA

SCA meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each of the following months: September, November, January, March and May. All meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. and are held at Crestwood Elementary School on Hanover Avenue. The SCA Board strives to keep the presentations relevant to our evolving circumstances; examples are Springfield revitalization, Code Compliance, Emergency Management, and briefings from our elected officials. Your ideas and concepts are welcome and hereby solicited.

SCA advocates in a non-sectarian and non-partisan way for your property, your security, and a cohesive community. Our initiatives have moved the County to action on more than several fronts. We work with the business community by shopping local; we are an economic force that businesses want to associate with. Further, SCA continues to lead with our long involvement with Springfield Days ( and the recent addition of the Springfield 15k/5k Road Race ( both of which show off our schools, parks, neighborhoods and the central business district. SCA actively seeks to partner for the greater good; please join us and strengthen our message and initiatives.
Please browse the web pages for additional information about the Springfield Civic Association (SCA and also to learn about Springfield’s history and other important information pertaining to our community. The Springfield community is rich in its diverse population, and is heralded as one of the first suburban communities in the early 1950s when residents of Washington, D.C., began migrating south to a slower pace of life with room to grow.

Many view Springfield as a suburban gateway to areas north and south, and overlook that Springfield is rich in history! Receive a brief overview about the History of Springfield in the Community Handbook and learn about the area’s interesting past, and how Springfield was developed as one of the first planned suburban communities after World War II

For additional information on Springfield, click on the link below to access Springfield’s Lake Accotink Park’s webpage “Witness to History.” Browse through the virtual photo album and review the brochure depicting life in this area going back to the early 1600s. The Chronicle newspaper also published an article by Jack Lewis Hiller titled, History of Springfield, that paints a fuller picture of the agrarian past of the Springfield community.”

Thank you for taking the time to browse our website. Hope to see you soon!