January 2014…President’s Corner

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

On behalf of the Springfield Civic Association (SCA) Board I bid you a Happy New Year!  It's fitting that our community's horizons continue to brighten as we start 2014.  The Springfield Town Center's (STC) transformation continues apace as it pushes to open by Thanksgiving.  Undoubtedly there is a long way yet to travel.  Yet, there is happy news to be revealed about the STC's tenants and future plans.  We are seeing the build-out happen before our eyes.  It is real, and it brings with it a tremendous sense of anticipation and optimism for improvement and revitalization across the greater Springfield Community.  The Wegmans Plaza at Beulah and Telegraph continues to take form and should open this year, though Wegmans itself is not slated to open until 2015.  That is an internal corporate decision and is not reflective of County efforts to bring about an earlier opening.  The decision on the FBI's relocation will not likely come until 2015 as well.  It only proves once again the old adage that "Patience is a virtue"; how virtuous then are we who live in a place where patience is also a prerequisite.    

The SCA's topical slate for our next three meetings is varied and we trust will interest you.  First up is January 21st; our topic is "Restorative Justice" with a focus on anti-bullying.  In that spirit we have reached out to Lynbrook, Crestwood, and Garfield Elementary Schools and hope for a good showing from concerned parents.  The March meeting topic is emergency preparedness wherein we will focus on SCA-based emergency readiness training.  Given the storms we've been through in the last several years it can't hurt to be in the know.  Our May meeting closes out this season.  We will hold our annual elections for the seven SCA Board seats.  If you are interested, please let the Board know by our March meeting.  After elections are held we will hear from our Supervisor, Jeff McKay, for the latest, greatest news on County affairs that impact us so directly.  Given all that is in play regarding the County budget, the STC, Wegmans, and other revitalization in our area it is never dull catching up with Jeff McKay and his excellent, constituent-focused staff.  Come join with us.  At $15 per household we offer good value.  The camaraderie is free.

Sincerely yours,

Bruce Waggoner

President, SCA