President’s Message November 2014

Indian Summer has been pleasant this fall; the trees are getting some color, the evenings are cool; and the STC is open for business and going gangbusters.  We can now officially complain about traffic on Loisdale Road again.  What we see going on today is a classic example of success breeding more success.  It's been shared with me that there are many vendors interested in the STC, but the STC is not interested in all callers; it is being very selective.  

On the subject of business in Springfield, "Aldi", the newest grocery store to locate to Springfield, is due to open in January.  It will fill the void where Fischer's Hardware resided in Concord Plaza.  Let's wish Aldi success.  Fischer's was a major loss for Springfield, but it is gone and a new era is underway.  

If you have not heard the latest on the FBI relocation it's because they are in an "impact-study" phase; a decision will not be taken on the FBI until 2016.  No point in holding our breath; it will be decided in it's own good time.  In the meantime we can work to make Springfield all the better come-what-may at the GSA site.  Brookfield Park is taking shape into something special.  Significant improvements are planned for the Lake Accotink Park trail.  Washington Gas continues to lay new gas lines in our area, not without controversy mind you, but our entire Community will eventually have new, safer, gas line infrastructure.  That's in the interest of property owners and a stable community.  

The Springfield 5k Road Race is in the nascent stages of planning for 2015.  We hope to be back at the STC, teaming with Business, Government and non-Government organizations to raise more money for Springfield charities ($22,500 in 2014) all the while promoting a more active and healthy lifestyle.  

As for November's membership meeting, we will shift the location to Grace Presbyterian Church since Crestwood Elementary is not available.  The theme is a salute to our Veterans presented by Mr. Bob Patrick from the Library of Congress, no less, and a member of Grace Presbyterian Church.  

Social time runs from 7:00 to 7:30pm; business begins at 7:30.  Oh! and I hope you  enjoyed  that extra hour we gained on Sunday  morning, November 2nd; it's one more hour to putoff chores.  

Happy Thanksgiving,