National Night Out Report

National Night Out scored well in our Crestwood community. With eight events that evening, we had a total of 165 neighbors in attendance. In addition, we greeted the Fairfax County Police and Fire Departments. The big red and white fire trucks are always a hit, especially with the kids, but I assure you, the adults appreciated their presence and that of the uniformed police officers as well. We joined communities from across the country in showing that we care about our neighborhood, our police and fire safety and our support for each other.
SCA President Bruce Waggoner has this to say about the event:
"The SCA's successful involvement in National Night Out (NNO) on 7 August is attributable to our neighbors and friends who hosted gatherings. George Towery led the way and we commend him. I had a terrific time at two cookouts, renewed acquaintances and got to know several folks I had not met before. It was yet another reminder of the eclectic nature of our community, i.e., people of all types and experiences who are doing amazing things with their lives and have much to share and to give to others. The SCA neighborhoods are rich in skills, talent, variety and experience. Our demographic is our greatest resource.”
Thanks to Betty and Joe McGowan, Cassie and Jason Planakis, Peggy Woods-Clark, Gail Nittle, Merry Macke, Kim Hatfield, Gail Parsons and George Towery who opened their yards and graciously welcomed neighbors some of whom formally met for the first time. Next year, let’s continue to celebrate and expand our National Night Out events. Four hosts have already agreed to repeat the event next year.

A large multi-generational gathering on Atteentee Rd. 

Babies, firetrucks, and lots of neighbors

Board Members Gail and Merry teamed up to host 25 neighbors

Neighbors who previously only waved met for the first time at this event

Fairfax County Emergency Operations Center Tour

On Saturday August 18, members of the SCA were invited to tour the McConnell Public Safety and Transportation Operations Center (MPSTOC.) The tour was led by David M. McKernan, who is the Coordinator, Office of Emergency Management for the county. The facility is one of the most technically advanced non-military Emergency Operations Center in the country. Mr. McKernan emphasized the need for all citizens to be prepared for unusual events, reminds all of us to be prepared to be on our own for a period of 72 hours, and asks that we check on our neighbors when emergency events occur.

As part of the tour, our group viewed the 9-1-1 Call Center. The capability of the call center includes joint operating agreements between Arlington, Alexandria, and Fairfax so that 911 operators can dispatch the closest available units, appropriate to the type of emergency.

Don’t forget about the Fairfax County Special Needs Registry, which allows residents with medical needs and organizations assisting those with social needs an opportunity to provide information to Fairfax County so that agencies can communicate emergency preparedness, response and recovery resources to our vulnerable, at risk and hard-to-reach


David McKernan, Coordinator, Office of Emergency Management and some SCA friends

President’s Corner

Friends and Neighbors,

Our meeting on May 15th will close out the year for the current seven-member Board of Directors of the Springfield Civic Association (SCA). You will elect a new Board for the coming session on that Tuesday evening as Alice Merrill (Secretary) and Bonnie Pritchard (At-Large) move to join our large Executive Committee or ExCom comprised of past presidents, Board members and community activists. New candidates will be presented for consideration, but the key, I think, is that Board membership continues to change and re-energize as more of us get engaged. Alice and Bonnie have earned our respect and admiration for their volunteer spirit, ideas and hard work. Their skills and experience provide a glimpse of the breadth and depth of talent, intelligence and esprit de corps that the SCA possesses on every street. The SCA owes them a vote of thanks for jobs well done.

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Election of 2012-13 Board of Directors

The Nominating Committee thought our job was done when no additional nominations were received for any Board position to add to those made at the March meeting. However, we sadly learned on April 22nd that Director At Large Bonnie Pritchard would be resigning her position effective with the May elections in order to focus more intensely on seeking full-time career opportunities.

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Celebrate National Night Out! Tuesday August 7

The 29th Annual National Night Out, a unique safety and community event sponsored by the National Association of Town Watch (NATW), has been scheduled for Tuesday, August 7, 2012.

Mr. George Towery, a longtime Crestwood resident and a National Night host for the past 7 years, has generously volunteered to Chair the SCA National Night Out event this year. Our celebration will feature Front Yard Gatherings at 25 locations within the SCA boundaries.

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President’s Corner

Like the coming season, things are germinating around us. The mall will commence in the June timeframe, while other properties are springing up (e.g., the Chik fil-A, two Hilton-family hotels, and new office buildings) or are in the planning stages (Boston Properties near the metro and the Metro Police sub-station). The SCA also took an active role in changing the course of events at Lake Accotink Park which was slated to be completely de-staffed until mid-March.

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