President’s Corner

Friends and Neighbors,

Our first SCA meeting of the new season is Tuesday, 18 September. In this election year the focus for the evening is "Candidates Night". We expect cool heads and cooler weather will grace the evening. Over the summer, the SCA Board has been busy planning the November, January, March and May meetings, perhaps to include one special meeting set aside for Supervisor McKay. Stay tuned for more of what's in store for membership.

On the local scene, Executive Committee members have convinced many local businesses to advertise in our newsletter. The ad fees help defray newsletter costs, fund SCA initiatives, and spread the word in the business community that the SCA is another avenue for increased business and success. After all, partnering with business and government and creating long-term relationships is one of the SCA's primary goals.

Continuing the theme of shared success, the SCA worked with business and government to end the blight of commercial truck parking on Brandon Avenue and Bland Street. Special thanks to Mr. Harold Tutor of Marriott Towne Place Suites for galvanizing the business community, and Supervisor McKay and his staff for coordinating the County's efforts. The parking ban took effect on 1 August and immediately improved the look and feel along those streets. This is a big win for us all as we take more positive steps to remake our image in concert with the Mall's rebirth, the new Hilton hotel at the Veterans Bridge and many other promising changes in our area. Challenges remain, but we are building on our successes.

As I sign off, I hope to see you at the Veterans Bridge Walk on Tuesday, 28 August. Meet the crowd at the corner of Bland and Amherst at 7pm, get some exercise, and join the troops from Fort Belvoir as we march over the bridge to the American Legion Hall for a patriotic evening, prize drawings, free food and lots of community fun.

My best regards,
Bruce Waggoner