Fairfax Connector Express Lanes Service From Springfield to Tysons Begins March 18

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Forget the car, forget the stress: Starting March 18, there will be a new, convenient way forSpringfield-area residents to get to Tysons. Fairfax Connector’s Express Connector service is coming to Springfield. That means Tysons-bound commuters will have their choice of buses on weekday mornings and evenings to enjoy a direct, fast commute. And to encourage Springfield residents to give it a try, Fairfax County will pick up the tab for the first month’s commute.

The Springfield-to-Tysons Route 494 is part of Fairfax County’s expansion of service into communities that have not had express bus service to and from Tysons. New Route 495 from Burke began in January, and service from Lorton via Route 493 also begins March 18. The Lorton route serves a new park-and-ride lot—the Saratoga Park-and-Ride Lot (located at Barta Road and the Fairfax County Parkway).

Buses will use the dedicated 495 Express Lanes, and are expected to travel on average 55 mph on the Capital Beltway, even during rush hour. Eleven buses will leave Springfield bound for Tysons during peak times on weekday mornings, with 13 headed back to Springfield during the afternoon and evening. The Express Connector will also run four trips between Tysons and Springfield at midday.

Three separate lines (494G, 494J, and 494M), each traveling through a different part of Tysons, give riders the choice of the fastest, most direct trip to their office. An additional line, 494F, will service all stops as the first and last bus in both the morning and afternoon.

Let your friends outside Springfield know, too: The Express Connector Route 494 will stop at the Franconia-Springfield Metrorail station, allowing those commuters who have easy access to the Metro’s Blue Line a new option for commuting to Tysons as well. The fare is $3.65 by SmarTrip® or $4 in cash. To start with, though, commuters can try the Express Connector for free—from March 18 to April 12.

This ride will be faster than the current Springfield to Tysons bus service on Connector Routes 401 and 402, which can take up to an hour. The 495 Express Lanes use an automated system of varying tolls designed to help control traffic volume and keep the speeds brisk. Fairfax Connector’s no-transfer Express Connector service gives commuters the ability to get to work and home quickly and avoid the tolls—and driving—entirely.

The Express Connector routes also use brand-new buses, providing you with a clean and comfortable trip. Imagine a commute where you aren’t the one behind the wheel: You can read, catch up on email, or simply relax, all while cruising past traffic on the Beltway!

To learn more about the new service, visit www.FairfaxConnector.com/Express, and sign up for updates.