SCA Celebrates National Night Out

SCA extends a warm and grateful thank you to all of our great hosts, participants, the FCPD and MPO Jim Reid for arranging visits from patrol officers,  and Captain Todd Gorham from FXFRD and his crew from Station 22.

We began celebrating National Night Out in 2008. This year we had twelve hosts and about 400 neighbors attended the gatherings. Despite drizzles, cloudiness, and humidity, the rain never materialized. YAY.  Plan to host or attend next year!

Many of our hosts sent follow-up reports and we are pleased to provide some of the highlights:

Nancemond Street had 40 attendees from 13 of our 25 houses including 4 of the 6 new babies born since July 30 of last year.  budandfcpd

An exceptional variety of wonderful sides and desserts showed up from the neighbors:

  • chili and cole slaw for the hotdogs,
  • stuffed jalapeno peppers,
  • sushi,
  • watermelon balls in the hollowed out rind,
  • potato salad,
  • corn on the cob (fresh picked!), and brie with craisins and crackers.

Doncaster: Twenty-five neighbors/kids attended the dog friendly event at the Doncaster NNO as three of our neighbors up and down the block had dogs. One of our neighbors in the cul-de-sac is 92 years old and has lived in her house in the house since 1963 (50 years!). When I handed her the NNO invitation the previous weekend, we ended up talking for about 20 minutes. She has children that live in the far western suburbs of northern Virginia who visit every week and bring food but she doesn’t get out much any more. She was so excited to be invited to meet the neighbors and to talk to some of the 'new' neighbors (i.e. since 1985).  Although she lives only 5 houses away down the street, it was too far for her to walk, so another neighbor drove her in the car and parked in our driveway so she could visit. We set up a folding chair on the level ground in the middle of the front yard and everyone who was there said hi and listed to her stories of growing up in Springfield. She liked the Oreo cookie pie and having so many new people to talk to. Kids LOVED the Springfield Volunteer firetruck when it drove up, lights flashing; the unmarked police car… not so much 🙂 

Edgebrook: Had about a dozen people, overall, show up.  What was great about it was that there were 3 families living on our block for more than 12 years, and none of them had ever met. Now all can put names with faces and look out for each other. 

Charlotte and Bath: The combined Charlotte Street and Bath Street NNO had a wonderful turnout. We had 35 neighbors come out and hang out in the front yard.  We were visited by at least 15 other firefighters and paramedics.  Their trucks and tours were enjoyed by everyone in attendance.  It was a treat to meet the people who protect and serve our area in a relaxed and fun environment.

We ate bbq pork sandwiches, hotdogs, meatballs, slaw, potato salad, chips, watermelon and cookies.  The visit from the police detective and the Target representative was a big hit for our 8 friends under the age of 12 who enjoyed the free frisbees, Target stuffed animals, stickers and reflective lights.  We caught up on all the news especially regarding our children, travels and grandchildren.  We especially enjoyed having a few of our teenagers on the street join in the fun and food before leaving for college in a few weeks.  We had a new family join us and it was nice to put names with faces. Many of us donned a light jacket or a sweater and braved the drizzles. The kids found a cardboard box and turned it into a robot  A fun time was had by all!

Atteentee Rd: Proof that a good thing only gets better: this event had over 50 people spread over one and a half lawns.  This event has it’s own Facebook page! Families of all ages came out.  

Loretto: Over on Loretto Street, there was a good turn out – about 45 neighbors to include firefighters and police.  We made it a dog friendly so the neighbors could meet other dog walkers. The party was so much fun that we are looking forward to hosting it again next year. 

Essex Avenue: We had 42 plus media join us last night. That number includes our fire station friends and our police officers. 28 were from our neighborhood. See a news story that includes the hosts, Rose and Josh Moore, along with MPO Reid right here:

Greenville  So, one more time we (the neighbors on and around Greenville Place) had our Annual National Night Out in George's front yard. The Rain was not invited but had been threatening to come with her whole entourage of Thunder and Lightning. We were prepared, of sorts, with a tent. And, of course, we always had George's lovely porch to retreat to.AtGeorges21

But 6 o'clock came and she didn't arrive. Who did show up, bright and early, were three gallant firefighters. Only they were a bit too early –– or our neighborhood kids a little late… So just one of them, Lily, fetched in a hurry, made it to meet with the awesome and loud beast, the Fire Truck.

Soon several other neighbors, little and tall, started to arrive, and we shared burgers and hotdogs, salads, pop corn and other treats. Some made their acquaintances for the first time –– either because they are new to the area, or just don't walk around much ––, while others had the chance to stop and chat a bit.

Grace St: About 35 people attended the Grace Street gathering, including long-time residents and newcomers.  Visitors stayed until darkness fell. This multi-generational event featured a great visit from Springfield Station 22. Our youngsters of all ages enjoyed climbing into the ladder truck but did not take advantage of the opportunity to blow the air horn. engine422