President’s Corner September 2013

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

The Springfield Civic Association (SCA) achieved a successful 2012-13 season of community engagement and enrichment.  We tapped local legends like George Towery and Jim Atwood who addressed American schools and American gun culture, respectively.  The SCA hosted its political representatives, too, particularly Supervisor McKay and his Commonwealth counterparts Senator Saslaw and Delegate Vivian Watts.  We didn't back down on issues and problems that plague us either; that was demonstrated when we coordinated the "Springfield groper" town hall meeting with the Fairfax County Police Department and the Lee District Supervisor's Office.  A crowd estimated at over 250 citizens filled Crestwood's cafeteria to hear and to send a clear message that we are a vibrant community; we pay attention.  That vibrancy was further demonstrated in early August when the SCA hosted a dozen National Night Out gatherings, far more than any other community in the Franconia Police Precinct, an enviable feather in our community cap.  The annual Veterans Bridge Walk will show more of the same spirit.

The sages say that the past is prologue.  Though the SCA has deep roots, its gaze is forward, to the future, to the 2013-14 season.  It endeavors to stay out in front of the issues, to anticipate what the membership wants and needs to know.  With Fairfax County in constant flux, that's a challenge, but to remain relevant that's where we need to stay, out front, in touch, and unyielding in our work for a better community.  The SCA needs your connections to the world; help us shape the future of Springfield by taking an active role in its formation.  Communicate, partner and participate in a fashion that suits you.  We will have meetings of topical interest ranging from gardening to the Springfield Town Center, plus politics and zoning or whatever life may throw our way.  Keep building momentum.  Come join us. 

Yours in Springfield,

Bruce Waggoner