Fall is for Gardening – October Program

Special Gardening Program on Tuesday October 15 at Grace Presbyterian Church


The evening will begin at 6 pm with a plant swap in the lower parking lot.  Bring those plants you'd like to share with your neighbors and take home a plant you've always wanted to have in your garden!  Here's how it will work:  You may swap a plant you bring for a plant you'd like -at no charge.  If you don't have a plant to swap, a $1 donation to SCA will buy you the plant you want. Gardeners, we know you have plants to unload – don't be shy.  Please bring your plants in containers you don't need back.


Before the program begins, we will feature a slide show of neighborhood gardens.  Please email your garden photos to us at springfieldcivic@yahoo.com. We are interested in your landscaping photos, vegetable gardens, close up photos of your plants, and other garden features. All garden-related photos are welcome.


From 7pm – 9pm, in the Grace Fellowship Hall, there will be a panel of local horticulturists and Master Gardeners who will provide important gardening information and then answer your questions on how to start, maintain or improve your garden.  You are encouraged to submit your questions and areas of interest ahead of time by e-mailing them to springfieldcivic@yahoo.com.  The workshop topics may include trees, shade, wildlife, lawns, a gardening timeline, bulbs, annuals vs. perennials, transplanting tips, fertilizing, propagation, vegetables, community garden plots, classes, and pests.