President’s Corner

Dear SCA,

Greetings from the SCA Board; our next meeting is Tuesday, 20 November. We hope that you came through Hurricane Sandy without too much discomfort. Overall, I think that June's Derecho storm cleared out many trees that weren't in the way for Sandy to bring down. There was a silver lining to the June pain we experienced, and for those of us who visited Fairfax County's County Emergency Management Operations Center tour we know that the County was better prepared for anything Sandy would deliver.

On your behalf the Board and ExCom continue to bring you informative and substantive programs that enlighten and broaden your perspectives. Read on to learn more of what's on the horizon. As for our special meeting in October at Grace Presbyterian, I think we struck a harmonious chord with our community; more on that achievement later in the newsletter. Let me extend our special thanks to Gail Nittle and Michele Duell for the extensive outreach to local schools and organizations that work to better our lives as the SCA does. It's partnering that will bolster our future as we build out.

The Holiday Season will be here soon. On behalf of the SCA Board I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and a joyous Holiday Season. Best wishes to all our Veterans and their families,

Bruce Waggoner